TT attracts ten film productions, country earns $10m

FOR the past six months TT has attracted ten film production crews which has yielded about $10 million in spending, says CreativeTT chairman Calvin Bijou.

He was speaking Wednesday as the Public Accounts (Enterprises) Committee (PAEC) met with officials of CreativeTT at the Parliament Building, Port of Spain.

He said the spending by international film crews included hotel stays, transport, local crews and meals.

PAEC member Amrita Deonarine asked about the foreign exchange earning potential of CreativeTT. Bijou replied he could not speak to that with empiricism, but over the past two years the company has used greater metrics when doing any type of investment.

"So that we get greater rigour around measuring the return on investment."

He said the goal was to contribute two per cent of GDP and increase incrementally by two per cent towards diversification of national GDP. On the ten film crews, he said it was not possible to say what was earned because gathering those receipts was under the purview of the Central Statistical Office.


"TT attracts ten film productions, country earns $10m"

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