Foster's search for 'home'

A never-ending search for “home” continues to fuel Rebecca Foster's art. Growing up in TT with European ancestry has created several dynamics that are reflected in her work which features a strong focus on this region’s society and history.

Her illustrations of famous local landmarks and cultural traditions – such as traditional Carnival characters and even her human portraits hark back to eras that are now long gone.

Foster’s paintings are stunningly bright and colourful: Stollmeyer’s Castle, with strong yellows and oranges, is bathed in the tropical luminance that is a hallmark of the Caribbean: from the neon-lit art deco buildings of Miami's South Beach all the way down to the kaleidoscope waterfront structures in Willemstad, Curacao. There is also a snowcone vendor’s cart topped with a bright orange umbrella that can easily serve as an advertisement for the item.

More brilliant images will be on display at the exhibition which start on Saturday from 10 am-2 pm at the 101 Art Gallery in Newtown, Port of Spain. It runs until April 10 and will feature a two-day preview on Thursday and Friday.


"Foster's search for 'home'"

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