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Tuesday 22 October 2019
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Letters to the Editor

No longer hooked on that song

THE EDITOR: Every few decades or so a locally made calypso/soca song bursts onto the scene with such a bang that it defines the young generation out there, at that time.

There was Jean and Dinah in the fifties, Sugar Bum Bum in the seventies, Madness in the eighties, and now Hookin Meh in 2019.

This Nadia Batson/Farmer Nappy piece of music is so good that I was looking forward to hearing of its great success on the international scene.

Hopefully becoming one of the most downloaded songs on international social media and getting air time on foreign radio stations, at night clubs and shopping malls from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Sydney, Australia.

Then I heard a full rewritten version of the song advertising a local conglomerate’s grocery and insurance products.

Don’t know about the rest of you out there, but I felt a real sense of dread listening to the wholesome prostitution of an incredible piece of our local culture and I am no longer interested in hearing this fabulous song anymore.

What’s next? Rally Round the West Indies to prop up ailing insurance giant Clico? Or maybe we can use our national anthem to sell a brand of bathroom tissue, as that is the one arena where every creed and race really finds an equal place.


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Letters to the Editor