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Tuesday 22 October 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Awaiting answers

THE EDITOR: In a recent letter, I posed several questions to Minister of Health Terrence Deyalsingh asking him to explain his divergent views concerning medical treatment abroad for TT nationals.

In the case of a woman seeking treatment overseas for osteosarcoma (bone cancer), he was adamant that “every inch of care that the woman needed was available locally” and “there was no need for the taxpayer to fund this patient abroad.”

However, in the case of his Prime Minister Rowley going abroad for more routine tests, he was silent. I find this unusual for the normally loquacious minister.

So again I’m kindly asking Deyalsingh to please condescend to give an answer to the long-suffering taxpayers of this country. Did you buff the PM for seeking treatment abroad when all the tests he needed are available locally? Are there different strokes for lay people and politicians? Once more, we eagerly await his response.

Should Deyalsingh fail to respond, I’d be forced to conclude that the PM went on a taxpayers-paid vacation, visiting friends. I am not surprised the results showed “he was as healthy as a young boy.” But I’m sure he knew that anyway.

A CHARLES, Mount Hope

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