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Tuesday 22 October 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Lack of law enforcement at Carnival

THE EDITOR: PTSC or whoever owns the bus shelter at the western end of St Clair Avenue, obliquely across from the Roxy Roundabout, please note that it was uprooted from the ground on Carnival Monday or Tuesday.

The leaning frame is now carelessly and precariously “anchored” to a side panel.

This shelter is used by commuters daily as that is the intention.

Some T&TEC cables are also hanging from posts and curled up on pavements. There are many streets with these cables including around Nelson Mandela Park.

Are the cameras recently mounted at various points not capturing images of the “disturbances” before, during and possibly after Carnival? And all the public “urinators,” what of them?

What of underaged children at J’Ouvert? Who is monitoring them?

Another major issue is the distress caused by the excessively loud sound systems at Carnival, including at the QP Oval where the music bands, DJs and MCs blasted away on Carnival Friday night; at CIC Grounds all day on Carnival Saturday, and then Oval again that night into a breakfast party.

The Soaka Street Festival on Serpentine Road, possibly for a third year, from 3-4 am until 10 am Carnival Sunday caused great havoc again and was allowed to block the road and have a water fete while water restrictions are in effect.

The authorities allow so many laws to be broken.

The huge trucks/trailers with the thunderous music, or noise, were allowed to mount huge boxes stacked high on their trays. The people on these trucks/trailers tried to use sticks to shift overhanging cables.

Obviously, that method did not work, hence overhanging cables were yanked down and still lie carelessly all around the park and streets.

There is garbage en masse as the corporation seems to have a problem with personnel.

Also an issue, the walls of residents and businesses which were smeared by individuals in their drunken stupor remain unpainted in some areas. The illegal pavement vending condoned by the PoS Corporation caused onlookers to walk in the roads. But Carnival was safe, really.

The lack of law enforcement is indeed the major problem at Carnival.

CL KONG via e-mail

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