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Thursday 27 June 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Show world how to live

THE EDITOR: In a world of many religious faiths, TT stands out. How many remember that under the last government our country was peacefully led by a Christian president, Anthony Carmona; a Hindu/Shouter Baptist prime minister, Kamla Persad-Bissessar, and Raziah Ahmed, a Muslim Speaker in Parliament who acted as president of the republic on more than one occasion?

In this regard, we are a world leader. Isn’t it about time that TT looks for and focuses on local examples of positivity and share them with the international community?

Today’s world is stressed via religious and racial turmoil, an emerging tolerance for fascism and xenophobia. The loss of the lives of Muslim immigrants in New Zealand at the hands of a member of an international lunatic-fringe group is reprehensible.

We must condemn and totally disassociate ourselves from the deliberate actions of the racist and fascist gunman who killed the 50 Muslims while they were praying in their mosques. We must sympathise and empathise with peace-loving people of all religions and races over this loss of lives.

TT is not known to have a lunatic-fringe group of racial white extremists who would engage in such acts of terror. Copycat action can therefore be ruled out. The Muslim community’s request for protection of its places of worship is nevertheless understandable and should be given full consideration.

JOHN HENRY, Petit Valley

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