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Tuesday 22 October 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Blown away by champs

THE EDITOR: I am one of the many people who attended the inaugural Schools Carnival Champs in Concert at the Grand Stand, Queen’s Park Savannah, and was blown away by the musical talents of the students – the way they played pan and sang calypso, soca and chutney.

The extempo was also incredible, with the three students displaying a sharp wit against each other, much to the enjoyment of the large crowd.

It was amazing to see the dedication and skill of these young people, which I believe were why they won their different school competitions this year.

The teachers, principals and parents who were instrumental in preparing the youngsters, as well as the Ministry of Education, must be commended for organising this entertaining event.

The ministry is developing the creative and musical talents of students through this event, which can enable the students to pursue careers in music and Carnival designing.

These are careers which are very profitable, not

locally but also internationally and can take TT’s unique

culture to the world. This would encourage more people to visit the country for Carnival, thereby generating more jobs and adding foreign exchange to the economy, which can only strengthen it in these tough economic times.


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Letters to the Editor