NLCB VIA payments end Apr 3

In approximately two weeks, National Lotteries Control Board (NLCB) agents will no longer be accepting Paywise payments.

It was explained to Newsday that Paywise was a payment aggregator which used the VIA bill payment system to receive payments on behalf of small businesses. For example, if a business registered with Paywise sold articles on Facebook, the customer could pay the merchant through the VIA system.

In a Facebook post on Saturday, Paywise Limited announced that its service would continue until April 3. “Given the premature end of the relationship we have initiated plans to rebuild our own agent network. More information on the Paywise agent network will be provided. We intend to offer the same level of trust, service and reliability under the new Paywise.”

Newsday was informed the reason for the change was because IGT, the network manager for NLCB, did not have the resources to oversee all the payment aggregators.

Newsday was unable to contact IGT head Roger Bolai.


"NLCB VIA payments end Apr 3"

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