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Thursday 27 June 2019
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Interisland draughts in Tobago on Sunday

The Tobago Draughts Association will host its first annual Interisland Draughts Tournament with a grand prize of $2,500, a medal and trophy. The tournament will be held at the Leggers Restaurant and Bar, Pleasant Prospect on March 24 from 10am.

Newsday Tobago ws told 25 top draught players from Trinidad will be attending including 13-time national champion Dickson Maugln, Pan American Draughts Federation Master Andy Charles, Timothy Dennis, and Nicholas Ramsundar. Top players from Tobago include Hayden George, Anthony Arnold and Tobago Draughts Association president Raymond Baynes.

He said, “I hope this event can raise awareness and heighten the possibility for draught players in Tobago because most of the players are in Trinidad. I also hope this reignites the interest for draughts in Tobago. The sport is kind of dormant because those who play don’t know the possibility of this sport and how far it can take you internationally.”

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