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Monday 24 June 2019
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Husband jailed for slaps

A MAN was sent to jail today for 12 months for beating his wife during an argument over what she had cooked for him.

The incident happened on Sunday and Sheldon Thomas, 49, was arrested at his home in Diamond Village, San Fernando. He appeared before senior magistrate Alicia Chankar in the San Fernando Magistrates' Court, where he pleaded guilty to beating Hollice.

Court prosecutor Cleyon Seedan, told Chankar that at about 6.34, WPC Thimbelene Mungal led a party of police to the couple's home at Papourie Road. Hollice had reported that Thomas slapped her repeatedly and she had to seek medical attention at San Fernando General Hospital.

Hollice was preparing a meal, the prosecutor said, when Thomas began to argue about it and struck her with his hand on her face, the court heard. A medical report showed Hollice suffered bruises to the lower lip and right cheek.

Hollice told Chankar as she stood next to the dock that they have a three-year-old child and recently, Thomas chased them with a meat cleaver.

Thomas was previously charged with attempted murder and when Chankar asked why he acted so violently towards his wife, he said, "There was an argument and things get heated. I hit her. Is the truth. Is things piling up for a long time. I apologise. "

Hollice went on to tell Chankar that on a previous occasion, she reported an incident of physical abuse at San Fernando Police Station, but a woman police constable told her that before anyone could respond, the matter had to be discussed.

Chankar requested the police receipt for the report and the name of the police officer.

She told Thomas he was convicted and sentenced him to 12 months in jail.

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