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Thursday 27 June 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Fuad alienating the ‘fat vote’

THE EDITOR: The insensitive remark by San Juan/Barataria MP Fuad Khan could cost the United National Congress (UNC) the “fat vote.”

For those who came in late, Khan fat-shamed Candice Santana, calling her a “tub” when she complained about the hurtful comments she encountered playing mas on Carnival Monday and Tuesday in Tribe.

Khan has since tried damage control by apologising after a barrage of comments on social media slapped him into the reality that the “fat vote” was important to the UNC, which needs all hands (friends) on deck as two major elections loom (local government and general).

Singing Sandra’s (Sandra Millington) stinging rebuke in defence of “fat people” and her call for voters in Khan’s constituency to blank him when voting time comes along

could have a ripple effect in other constituencies where “fat people” reside.

Khan, who claims he tried to shine the national spotlight on obesity, has created further difficulty for the UNC by alienating the “fat vote.”


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