THE EDITOR: WOW! Carnival 2019 was a wonderful combination of colour and music this year, with all of the fetes and countless “limes” for patrons to enjoy. I’m really proud of my fellow citizens for going out in the masses to support Kees, Machel Montano and a host of other artistes.

Despite all the fun and excitement, I just have one question: When it’s time to pay bills and taxes, why do we protest? Huh?!

Well, to me, I think the people of TT don’t understand the value of money because we well know how to party our money away and not prioritise for more important things, for example bills, school fees and taxes, etc.

As a youth I recognise this type of irresponsible behaviour and urge my fellow citizens to be a better example to my generation.

Kenya Archie

Standard Five

The Athenian Presecondary School



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