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Monday 22 July 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Big stick

THE EDITOR: Gary Griffith, the man in blue, the caped crusader, the fabled superhero, has one job … to keep us Trinidadians in check.

During our recent Carnival festivities, he and his men marched relentlessly to and fro, from corner to corner all over the country. My compliments to the chief and his team but… I must ask, why do we need to have a rod over our backs for us to behave? We have complimented the police for all their extreme measures but why are those measures necessary?

I believe that there are several things that cause crime but, to me, the most outstanding reason is we do bad things when no one is looking.

As a child, I learnt at school that, "Character is who you are when no one is looking." In the lobby at school, I am faced daily with the words, "Be someone who you are proud to know."

It saddens me to think that our character as a nation is one of selfishness, inconsideration and disrespect. I say that because we are only able to have respect and consideration when the men in blue are herding us like cattle and keeping us in line. Are we Trinidadians proud to know that we can't behave if a whip isn't over our backs? Police have forever been trying to reduce the amount of people who break the law when no one is looking. I know very well that some of you will object to me, but think about it: would people still have behaved if there wasn't that many policemen on the road? To fix this problem I suggest that we Trinidadians check ourselves regularly and try to suppress the urge to "give trouble." Be someone you are proud to know!

Sakura Leacock

Standard Five

The Athenian Presecondary School

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