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Tuesday 20 August 2019
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Letters to the Editor

With the oppressedor oppressor, TT?

THE EDITOR: TT has arrived at a critically important moment when all our people must decide, once and for whatever time now remains in history, whether we will stand with the oppressed and support them as they resist oppression, or whether we will support the oppressor, and thus become complicit in oppression.

In fact we must now write the last chapter of our history before an arrogant war-mongering US takes the world to nuclear war with Russia.

The oppressor, who has been waging unjust war on Venezuela for so many years, seems to have now been driven to madness by the touch of Satan.

Since the US failed in its foolish efforts to get regime-change in Venezuela, it is now shamelessly waging satanic cyber war on Venezuela’s electrical grid while causing even more pain to the already long-oppressed Venezuelan masses.

What comes next in this Satanic agenda? How should the God-fearing people of this country respond?

Trinidad is blessed to have three great world religions, ie, Islam, Christianity and Hinduism, co-existing fraternally. We write to remind that all three of these religions oppose oppression, denounce the oppressor and demand a struggle to liberate the oppressed.

While the Muslim and the Christian in particular know that when Jesus returns, the Zionist oppressor in the Holy Land will bite the dust, there can be little doubt that Hindus who preserve the integrity of Hinduism must also look forward to that dazzling end of history when truth will triumph over falsehood and oppression.

Our problem is that there are “sheep” and “cattle” amongst us who have eyes and yet cannot see – hence they cannot recognise the US government and armed forces as the greatest oppressor of all times. Sometimes blindness is compounded by fear that if they stand up to the oppressor, it will jeopardise their US visas and create problems for travel to the US.

Others have so corrupted their hearts that their primary loyalty is to a misguided leader of an otherwise great political party, rather than to truth and justice. This appears to be the reason why they persist, blindly so, in following a local who, ostrich-like, has hitched her party to the US imperial wagon, and who is therefore now complicit in oppressing the poor Venezuelan masses.

The time has come for religious leaders and scholars in this country, Muslim, Hindu, Christian and others, to stand up and proclaim the gospel of liberation from oppression in order to prepare the way for an eventual parting of ways between, on the one hand, the people of God, who are the people of truth and of justice, and on the other, the Satanic world of oppressors and those complicit in oppression.

, San Fernando

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