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Tuesday 20 August 2019
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Letters to the Editor

The uglyside of Carnival

THE EDITOR: I take the opportunity to highlight some irregularities I observed over the Carnival days in Woodbrook.

Firstly, while the splashing of paint by drunk and inconsiderate people on residents’ walls appears to have been less this year, it should not happen at all. J’Ouvert revellers need to be a little more civilised.

What was worse was the stench of urine on the streets, something that has become synonymous with J’Ouvert. I believe that all bands, be they J’Ouvert or otherwise, must by law supply toilet trucks for their revellers.

Then there is the “legal” occupation of the sidewalks on Ariapita Avenue by vendors, leaving only the street for pedestrians. Some even constructed bleacher-type stands that occupied the entire sidewalk. Is this legal?

Another problem is when a large band is passing, its security personnel with the ropes to keep out pedestrians present a problem for anyone wishing to cross the Avenue.

He/she has to wait until the entire band passes before they can cross. That could take over an hour, as the “rope holders,” as I call them, sometimes act as if they are police. The authorities have to put a stop to this.

Other than that I think the heavy police presence led by CoP Gary Griffith was a plus. Job well done.

Oh, the Road March songs, bar one or two, lacked chord structure and melody lines. Just my view.

, Woodbrook

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