When did ‘one day…’ become never?


In the Story of Telling, Bernadette Jiwa asked the question, "When did ‘one day’ become never?" I got to thinking about my own dreams. How many things had I actually got done and how had I convinced myself that I no longer wanted some things? And was it okay to settle?

I thought about how many days I would get up and plan to have a particular kind of day – one where I would get things done and move the needle forward in my life – and then I would watch in abject horror as I resorted to actions that were delimiting.

Why, knowing fully well, that what I was doing was not taking me to my goal did I continue doing the same things like a mad person?

Here is a story Jiwa shared about a regular guy named Simon.

"The first time I met Simon he was juggling four dirty plates while greeting customers and directing his team. Over time, I came to know Simon as a friend and also as one of the most gifted people I knew. Simon’s bosses loved how he ran their cafe as if it were his own. They loved how he made their customers feel so welcome that they kept coming back. And they loved how their business was growing under his caring leadership. They just didn’t show it.

Simon loved his customers but he hated the feeling of not being valued by his employers, and besides, he had a dream. At the weekend Simon had a side gig. He became a personal chef and dinner party host for hire. His clients went out for the day leaving him in to cook the meal and style their home before their guests arrived in the evening. Nothing gave Simon more satisfaction than seeing the look on someone’s face when they came home looking relaxed to an exquisite meal in the beautiful setting he’d created.

Simon wanted to do this work full-time. He dreamt of starting his own business one day. He could see how his service would work for dinner parties, small celebrations and family gatherings. He had everything he needed to begin and clients who were ready to recommend him at the drop of a hat.

Simon spent hours that next year talking about his business ideas. He worked on everything from the name to the launch strategy and service descriptions.

That was 15 years ago. I’d love to tell you that Simon got his business up and running and that it succeeded beyond even his wildest dreams, but I can’t. You see, he never did find the courage to leave his old job. He never started. He’s still working in the cafe where we met. The only thing that’s changed is that he’s stopped talking about how everything is going to be different one day when he gets around to doing the thing he really wants to do."

Too many people not only never make the leap — they never even take the first step. Often the things holding them back are clarity, confidence and the support they need to change direction. ‘One day’ becomes never when we fail to take the first step.

What about you?

You may be surprised to learn that the only thing keeping you back is for you to take action, but not just any action. You need to take effective action.

Please understand that your desire is positive proof that you have the power to execute on your idea. Wallace Wattles tells us that “desire is a manifestation of power.” Once you have a strong desire to do something, you simple need guidance in developing your power and applying it correctly. “The desire to play music is the power to play music seeking expression and development through you. The desire to invent things is mechanical talent seeking expression through you.”

Here’s the other thing: We set the creative forces in action by the strength and persistence of our desires. We remain poor because we don’t provide for the reception of the thing, and that provision is only made when we take action.

In 1910, Wallace Wattles wrote the book The Science of Getting Rich. I’ve read this book countless times and am studying it again. It is not about getting rich quickly but is based on universal laws and principles and how life works. I’m reading a revision for the 21st century, which I suggest you get if you’re interested, as the reading is easier.

Here is what he says about taking action and why it is so important. "You must not rely upon thought alone, ignoring action. That’s the iceberg too many thinkers are shipwrecked upon – the failure to connect thought with action.”

We simply cannot sit down and wait for results, we must act now. We cannot act yesterday and we cannot act tomorrow. All we have is today.

What we do need is clarity, confidence and support to take that leap.

My vision is to create a community of thinkers and doers. I’ve been helping people and companies get unstuck so they can start realising their dreams and not settle for less than they are capable of achieving. Take action today by requesting the free guide below. And if nothing else remember this: “By thought, whatever you focus on is brought to you. By action you receive it.”

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"When did ‘one day…’ become never?"

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