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Thursday 19 September 2019
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Dry season advice remains in effect

THE Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) is not changing its message to the population to conserve water during the current dry season.

WASA communications manager Daniel Plenty yesterday said recent rainfall did little to improve water levels in the reservoirs, but was just "a drop in the bucket."

He explained that after the dry season, it takes months of rainfall to bring the reservoir levels back up.

WASA previously said the harsh dry season had adversely affected availability at several of its water treatment facilities throughout TT. This includes its four main impounding reservoirs at Arena, Navet, Hollis and Hillsborough in Tobago. All of these reservors are below the long-term averages (LTA) for this time of year.

Recently WASA said the Hollis, Caroni, Navet and Hillsborough reservoirs' current capacities are 63.34, 78.13, 61.36 and 78.31 per cent respectively. The LTA capacities for these reservoirs are 78.16, 87.45, 83.99 and 83.56 per cent.

To mitigate the impact of reduced water availability, WASA said it has begun redistributing water to provide a more equitable supply, with particular focus on customers at the extremities of its distribution network.

It also advised the public to check revised water supply schedules for areas throughout TT. They can be found on the authority's website www.wasa.gov.tt; Facebook and Twitter pages.

Contacted yesterday, staff at the Meteorological Services said the dry season forecast remains in effect.

The TTMS previously said likely impacts of this year's dry season include a reduction in groundwater recharge, surface water flows and rain-fed water availability; increase in surface dryness as the season progresses, which enhances the potential for bush fires; drier than average conditions enhance the chances for some agricultural pests and diseases to thrive; and periods of excessive heat can increase the chances of heat stress for people with heat-sensitive ailments and heat-exposed livestock, pets, and other animals.

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