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Tuesday 21 May 2019
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Bago women run with Mr Killa

Soca After Mas in Mt Irvine

Grenada soca star Mr Killa performs at Army Fete last month.
Grenada soca star Mr Killa performs at Army Fete last month.


“It's amazing. It's overwhelming. It's just a feeling that's hard to explain with words. The reception, the love, the smiles, the screams is just amazing and it humbles me greatly.”

Those were the words of 2019 International Soca Monarch winner Hollis ‘Mr Killa’ Mapp as he exited the stage at the first instalment of Soca After Mas, hosted by Iconic Events, at Mt Irvine Beach, on Ash Wednesday.

Thousands of patrons flocked the beach to see the Grenadian soca artiste, who won the hearts of many with his hit song, Run Wid It, and became the first foreigner to win the Soca Monarch competition.

The atmosphere was electrifying as Mr Killa ran onto the stage singing the hook “pick up something, anything.” Screams were audible above the loud music as women of varying sizes, flags and coolers were hoisted into the air, as patrons followed the instructions.

It was definitely a sight to behold as female patrons climbed onto the stage to dance with Mr Killa, who was enjoying every moment.

He had the crowd going wild with his Carnival 2014 hit, Rolly Polly, which saw one well endowed female patron stunning Mr

Killa with a voracious wine. This triggered Mr Killa's famous moonwalk wine, which had fans roaring with approval.

The action escalated further when Mr Killa asked his female patrons to pick him up and run with him through the crowd. The front of the stage grew thick as several women hoisted the Grenadian onto their backs and ran with him as he "surfboard" through the crowd. Even the male patrons seemed shocked at the strength shown by the females.

After his performance, Newsday spoke to Mr Killa backstage about his plans for the rest of 2019.

He said, “I have a lot of international combinations and engagements planned. Back home, we are building the first state of the art studio, also a radio station.

"A big part of my plan for the rest of the year is to help the music industry to rise as well as assisting the country (Grenada) market itself to the outside world. Besides that, I can't wait to ‘buss ah wine' on the Grammy Awards stage. Soca has a long way to go and I just want to be one of those pilots to get it there,” Mr Killa added.

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