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Wednesday 22 May 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Yes, pick up God’s word and run with it

THE EDITOR: “Pick up God’s word and run with it.” What a brilliant message from the Anglican dean. To think of twisting Hollis “Mr Killa” Mapp’s advice to “pick up something and run with it” to something that is linked directly to God is truly magnificent.

I commend the Very Rev Shelley-Ann Tenia of the Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity on her brilliance and considerable ingenuity.

Many people like to criticise Carnival, but we cannot claim to want democracy and then greatly criticise those who love their Carnival. She stated that what we should pick up over the next 40 days of Lent is the word of God.

“I pray that what we will pick up are habits of heart and mind that will replace those things that move us further from God and that we will engage those practices that will draw us closer to God.”

Machel Montano, who won his tenth Road March crown with Famalay, stated: “I just feel grateful that they put their trust in me to pull this together and push to make such a message like Famalay.”

Montano said he wants to celebrate the message of the song which is one of Caribbean unity and something phenomenal to celebrate. He shares the Road March with Bunji Garlin (first-time winner) and Skinny Fabulous – the first time the title is being shared with a non- national, as Skinny Fabulous is from St Vincent.

RC Archbishop Jason Gordon weighed in with “as the country begins its 40 days of praying and fasting, it was a wonderful opportunity for the faithful to reach out and help those in need, as it would bring the nation and people closer to God.”

The archbishop advised that we show hospitality to those people who have come to our shores due to turmoil in their own countries. He also lamented that there were too many more people in our country who need help.

So let us as a “famalay” use Lent as a chance to show hospitality and to pick up God’s word and run with it.


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Letters to the Editor