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Wednesday 22 May 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Like Kitch, Kees has a point

THE EDITOR: Lord Kitchener changed Leggo to Road March. Just as now there has always been a problem with winning the title.

For some reason the Calypso King/Monarch got more honour and prize money than the Road March, which did not make any sense. Five people chose the calypso title, thousands chose the Road March.

So incensed was the “Grand Master” that he offered, one year to add money of his own to increase the prize money for the Road March.

Now a new controversy has arisen. Kees Dieffenthaller has a valid point. Just as Kitch had in 1966. He was on his way to do his beaver trick, four Road March titles in a row, but lost to Sparrow’s Melda, supposedly written by Lord Maestro.

A rumour started that someone had paid several steelbands to play Sparrow’s tune at the Savannah, the only point in those days where the Road March was counted. The rumour continued until later that year when Lord Melody recorded a calypso, Desperadoes, which was to represent all steelbands:

Desperadoes made a mistake

The tune they played was wrong

How could they leave out Conqueror

And King Fighter the hot boy in town…

He went to state, among other things, the steelbands were “fighting paper” [money].

Nuff said.


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Letters to the Editor