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Tuesday 21 May 2019
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Letters to the Editor

We must weed out bad cops

THE EDITOR: The recent arrest of two more local policemen should help shed some light as to why our police are unable to defeat our crooks or even make any real headway in stemming the flow of serious crimes in TT. Maybe our police system is plagued with all sorts of criminals and it is only when they make a mistake and are caught we become aware of what is really going on within our police set up.

It would now appear that many of our policemen are jumping or have already jumped on the bandwagon of crime which perhaps is the cause for our police making no real headway in their fight against crime. How you go about weeding out these bad eggs is going to be quite a problem.

This desire by our police to wallow in some criminal activities is apparently not restricted to the lower ranks of our police service but there is a strong belief that those senior officers and officials in the hierarchy of our police system are also associates with the "Mr Bigs" of crime here. Crime has now become a money spinner thus encouraging more policemen from all spectra of the force to leap onto the criminal band wagon.

Trying to unravel this problem is never going to be easy when it is believed that those who should be setting a good example and trying to regain the public trust are in fact suspected of being linked to those who are behind organised crime in this country.

GA Marques

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