San Fernando municipal cops disgruntled

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SAN Fernando municipal police have accused a senior police officer of “jeopardising” their health and safety owing to a leadership style they referred to as “oppressive and vindictive.”

Minister of Rural Development and Local Government Kazim Hosein yesterday said he plans to meet with ACP Brian Headley to find out about the complaints. Hosein, the former mayor at the San Fernando City Corporation, said on Saturday night he received a message about the municipal police being disgruntled about a senior police officer’s leadership style.

“Last night I got a message about that. In the morning, I will consult with the head to find out about what is going on,” Hosein said.

Police told Newsday that the problem began late last year when the senior police officer assumed office.

They accused the officer of single-handedly changing the rosters and making subordinates begin duties at “unreasonable and irrational hours” despite where they live.

“This person avoids and rejects criticism and feedback. Police officers cannot voice their concerns and are stressed. The roster was changed without any consideration or consultation,” a policeman said.

Details of the new roster cannot be disclosed publicly for security and safety reasons.

Another policeman told Newsday: “The department has been suffering. We have an increase in strength with the newly graduated police and they also fall victim to closed-door policy.”

They are calling for the Minister to intervene and other senior police to address the issue immediately saying it is also negatively affecting their families.

“There is no time for proper rest, that does not exist anymore. People are just getting sick because they are tired. For years we have accustomed to a particular way and all of a sudden it changes without consultation. At least give us an explanation for the change please.”


"San Fernando municipal cops disgruntled"

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