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Tuesday 21 May 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Happy anniversary

THE EDITOR: In a few weeks’ time the festival of Easter will be upon us and we all wish the Christian community a happy and holy celebration.

At this time though, another anniversary of sorts will be taking place, in that we have now reached the 17th anniversary of the arrest of those citizens, who were charged with the misappropriation of $1 billion ($3 billion worth in current dollar value) in the construction of our very ordinary international airport, which was completed and opened 20 years ago.

Now, at the time that facility was being billed for 1.6 billion dollars, it was well known to everyone who enquired, that only 600 million dollars in value was being presented to the citizens of this country, while $1 billion in supposed construction expenditure on the project ended up in all the wrong places.

The co-conspirators in this act of wholesale looting of tax payers’ funds, who were residents in Florida, have been arrested, charged, convicted and completed serving their well-deserved jail time over seven years ago.

So, the obvious question is, what progress has been made in the local prosecution of those TT citizens, charged in the matter. Well as far as I can ascertain, we have not yet completed the preliminary enquiry into the matter. Now, please tell me if any rational individual can understand how our judicial system can allow such an unbelievable travesty of justice to take place over such an important matter. Can we hear from the Chief Justice, Attorney General, Law Association or anyone who can give a plausible explanation for the interminable delay in completing this matter?

Gregory Wight


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