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Tuesday 21 May 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Beauty and its beholders

THE EDITOR: We live in a land named TT which is ruled by the popularity of the individual. Our Westminster brand of politics says, winner takes all. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholders and if you have sufficient beholders in the basket, you win at everything. "Frankomen" you win. It matters not who might like or dislike you once you are allegedly beloved by the general public. The man in the street has the last word.

Today, the man in the street says that Gary Griffith, the Commissioner of Police, is the best thing in TT since the invention of sliced bread. We know GG talks too much. He is a bit of a show off. He enjoys dressing up. All of which is typical "Trini to the bone" male and female behaviour. The, "All yuh hear what Gary say?" is the latest big news. Commissioner Griffith is almost close to being if not "badder" than Burroughs. Some people jealous the man because he frightening off the bandits. I even believe that allegedly, some of the bandits might think there is something kind of cute fighting up with Gary. If Gary shoots them dead it is big time, big news. Newspapers, TV, Facebook. Everybody gone viral.

While the CoP is indeed making a dent in the crime statistics, he is also on his own popularity treadmill. If he slows down, falls off, fails to deliver to a very greedy public, crapaud smoke Gary's pipe.

In the end, the media will prevail because the pen is mightier than the sword. History will have the last word.

Lynette Joseph

Diego Martin.

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Letters to the Editor