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Tuesday 21 May 2019
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TTARP scores two victories


The TT Association of Retired Persons (TTARP) recently scored two major victories for seniors.

The first was to get Government to give the country’s retired public servants an interim payment of $3,000 a month because of the lengthy period it takes the public service to process pension payments. The department is required to track work history in the service, a process that could take as long as two years.

Retired public servants will now receive the interim payment while their work records are processed, after which they will receive their arrears and their correct pension payments.

The second victory scored by TTARP is a senior citizens' grant, which becomes payable when a retiree reaches 65, and is only payable to people who earn a combined monthly income of less than $5,000. According to Government, this combined income includes NIS pension and any other occupational pensions.

Over the years TTARP has lobbied persistently for enhanced benefits for its membership. Other achievements include increases in national insurance pensions; increases in the tax allowance and free transport with the introduction of the bus pass.

At last September’s AGM at the Centre of Excellence in Macoya, the board referred to its mission statement, which focuses on enhancing the quality of life for senior citizens. It said, “Our future is defined in the phrase ‘forever young.’ It does not mean forever young in age. It means forever young in attitude, it means forever young in mind, it means forever young in purpose.”

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