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Tuesday 21 May 2019
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Sabala is Couva Carnival King

Donald Sabala, Couva King of the Band.
Donald Sabala, Couva King of the Band.

Donald Sabala, portraying Sting Me from the band Chase Village Carnival, was crowned King of the Bands at Monday Nite Mas organised by the Couva Carnival Committee. Sabala, who experienced problems with his massive costume on the streets, was a popular choice among the huge crowd of spectators.

Caroline James-Bowen took the Queen of the Bands crown with her portrayal of Nandi Warrior-Queen of the Zulu Tribe from the Band Creative Xpression.

Wings, presented by Chase Village Carnival led by bandleader Danzo Ramroop, was adjudged Monday Nite Band of the Year.

Caroline James-Bowen – Couva Queen of the Band.

Central Elite’s with Bring D Rhythm, placed second; with Creative Xpression, portraying Mama This Is Mas, taking third place. In the traditional band category, The Original Jab Jab, led by veteran Ronald Alfred, whipped its way to winner’s row with the presentation of Man Better Man. Placing second was Golden Mas Community of De Gannes Village, Siparia, with Red Monkey Yuh Hooking Meh.

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