5 Indian fortune-tellers arrested

POLICE have arrested five Indians for overstaying their time in the country. Their arrests took place, last Friday, in Fyzabad. A report claimed the five men were soliciting people for palm readings where they were arrested and taken to the Fyzabad Police Station, and then to the Immigration Division, Knox Street, San Fernando.

The report said a detention order was issued to the five men who were then released. They are to report on Friday, Newsday was told, with airline tickets for their guaranteed departure from TT. Police said the men in their 20s are from Bangalore, south India.

Around mid-January, six men and a woman, who are from India, were also detained for soliciting people for palm readings on High Street, San Fernando and in Chaguanas.

Attorney Indira Binda, who represents the five men, is assisting immigration authorities to determine if they committed an offence. Several people have reported they were fleeced of money by Indians who promised to predict their future through black magic.


"5 Indian fortune-tellers arrested"

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