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Tuesday 21 May 2019
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Franklyn’s ‘El Dorado’ honours First People

Tobago Drama Guild wins King of the Band…

Anetta Winchester portrays
Anetta Winchester portrays "Phoenix the Firebird" which won Queen of the Band on Wednesday. PHOTO COURTESY THA INFO DEPT

ANTONIO Franklyn and Anetta Winchester are the 2019 King and Queen of the Band respectively, after winning the spectators and judges approvals on Wednesday.

THE streets of Scarborough were transformed as the Division of Tourism, Culture and Transportation together with the Tobago Festivals Commission hosted the Kings, Queens and Individuals Competition 2019 in the heart of the city.

Hundreds lined the Carrington Street to witness the spectacle as elaborate costumes paraded for Carnival.

Eight contestants vied for the King title, however it was Franklyn who claimed the crown with 225 points for his portrayal of "El Dorado – The Gilded one."

Franklyn’s costume was a presentation from the Tobago Drama Guild’s 2019 presentation Oro: The Story of Gold. The gold-covered costume shone brighter than the sun, while the copper represented the blood of the First People that was shed in mad pursuit of gold.

Proud of the victory, head of the Tobago Drama Guild Cheryll Birchwood-Uzoruo said the costume paid tribute to the memory of the First People.

“We are elated. This win has given the camp a boost in confidence. We are all quite happy. It was a lot of hard work but that has paid off. Last year he came second and that was a bit disappointing, so this year we are overwhelmed,” Birchwood-Uzoruo said.

In second spot was Patrick Winchester portraying "The Source" which garnered 221 points. Winston Chadband, with 219 points, settled for the third spot with his portrayal of "Carnival is Colour."

Winchester got the nod for Queen of the Band with her portrayal of "Phoenix the firebird" which earned her 243 points.

Winchester’s costume depicted the Phoenix, which is a mythical bird associated with the worship of the sun. The costume featured the creature of great size, with talons and wings, with brilliant scarlet and gold plumage and produces a melodious cry.

Leader of the Band Astra Winchester said: “I feel so proud, so overjoyed to know that my queen won this title. Anetta portrayed the costume extremely well and I’m very proud of her.”

Second spot was taken by Candice Chang-Sandy with "Pride of T&T- National Pride" with 239 points, while LueAnn Melville took the third spot with her presentation of "Queen of Wakanda."

In the male individual, Dimitri Noray took the first place with his portrayal of "Egyptian- Lion God of War." Second was Javon Carrington with "Ah we bassman" and third spot went to Andre Williams for "The Red Howler."

In the female individual, KellyAnn Withstrum with "Pride of the Isle" took the top spot, ahead of LindyAnn Melville with "Floral Garden" and Simone Scipio-Briggs's "Queen Monarch" respectively.

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