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Sunday 19 January 2020
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Mr Killa kills it at Army Fete

Mr Killa commands the crowd to
Mr Killa commands the crowd to "run with it" during his performance at Army Fete, Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain. PHOTOS BY JEFF MAYERS

GRENADIAN soca artiste Mr Killa closed Army Fete with a captivating performance of his power soca song Run Wid It.

Mr Killa’s song had the thousands – including soca star Machel Montano – at the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain picking up objects and people and running with them.

The song’s lyrics say, “He tell meh pick up something! Anything! Rum tell meh to grab something! Anything! I just want to pick up something! Anything! Watch how I go grab something! Anything! Rum tell me to run (run wid it!), run (run wid it!)…….” Those lyrics were closely followed by everyone when Mr Killa got to the stage at 4.30 am yesterday, nearly six hours after the fete's start on Friday night, during the set of D All Starz.

Mr Killa balances on a dancer during his performance at Army Fete, Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain.

Women were the popular choice during Mr Killa’s performance, as they were carried through the crowd by their male friends, with some patrons taking the easier option and running with flags. One group utilised the fete’s ambience getting their hands on an inflatable replica of a 15-foot alcoholic bottle and moving it from the right side of the venue towards the centre.

When Mr Killa was performing, Machel Montano, who was positioned at the back of the stage, was seen picking up a woman who was with and running a short distance. Mr Killa is a contestant in the Power Soca Monarch finals and seems to be the front-runner to win on Fantastic Friday.

Mr Killa, who also jumped into the crowd during his performance, thanked the thousands gathered at the venue, telling them how on one occasion he was brought to tears when he thought about the way TT has welcomed a boy from the ghetto.

On Mr Killa’s command to run with it, fans move off with a Hennessy replica at Army Fete, Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain.

Iwer George, expected to give Mr Killa a run for the Power Soca Monarch title on Friday, had a strong showing. During the performance of his song, Water Blessings, he threw bottles of water into the crowd, which was well received. After singing some of his hit songs over the years the "water lord" brought some blessings from above, as it drizzled for about 30 minutes after he left the stage.

The road march contenders also got an opportunity to test their songs. Montano, who started performing at 2 am, opened his one-hour long performance with Skinny Fabulous of St Vincent and the Grenadines singing Famalay. St Vincent and the Grenadines’ flags were seen in front of the stage giving their hometown boy some support.

Patrons loving the vibes at Army Fete, Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain.

Montano sang his power song Release, but it still seems to be growing on the public. Montano told the crowd to cherish Army Fete as, “This is one of the last real fetes that are around.” He then asked the crowd if they remembered the days of Fire Fete, WASA Fete, National Flour Mills Fete and Brass Festival.

Montano sang some of his recent hits, including 2015 road march winner Like Ah Boss and Pop Ah Bottle, before Supeblue joined him on stage to sing their 2018 road march, Soca Kingdom, and this year’s collaboration, We Now Start to Party. Montano and Skinny Fabulous then sang Famalay again to bring the set to a close which at that time was the best crowd response for the night.

Earlier, there were solid performances from a number of artistes including Patrice Roberts, Voice, Nailah Blackman, Nadia Batson, Farmer Nappy and Kes the Band.

The crowd turned into a chorus helping Batson and Nappy sing their popular groovy songs, So Long and Hookin Meh. Batson had some fun with the crowd turning down the music to give the patrons an opportunity to sing.

Kees Dieffenthaller, speaking with Newsday following his performance of road march contender, Savannah Grass, said, “I think it is amazing vibes, I think people have really taken it (the song) as their own.”

Discussing the song being a contender for the road, Dieffenthaller said, “It has to be the people own, if the people want it…that is going to be amazing, that is going to be icing on the cake. For me if it happen it happen.”

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