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Monday 27 May 2019
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Letters to the Editor

He can't speak for Education

THE EDITOR: I think Agriculture Minister Clarence Rambharat overstepped his boundary by making pronouncements on the education sector. I saw him in the news speaking about the decline in education.

He concluded this also contributed to the decline of the quality of citizens we have today. I wonder if he consulted with his Cabinet colleagues, especially the Education Minister, before making these pronouncements.

I am glad for the statistics and information he highlighted about incest, rape and the many social ills facing youths and citizens from the Mayaro constituency. This shows our formal school system cannot do it alone and it’s not the only agency responsible for producing better students and citizens.

It is unfortunate that Rambharat has now joined that group of social commentators who just blame it all on the education system. I find his statements unfair because the Education Ministry is the leading one in my opinion.

This ministry is very visible in the media, keeping the nation informed about all it’s doing to improve the education system. Rambharat’s statement is also not factual because the 2018 CSEC and CAPE results were the best when compared with results over the last ten years.

I would advise Rambharat to check with his Cabinet colleagues and verify his information before making public pronouncements.


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Letters to the Editor