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Monday 27 May 2019
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Road safety assoc: ‘Be careful pedestrians, defensive drivers’

File photo: Kalicharan Carnival on the streets of San Fernando on Carnival Tuesday PHOTO BY: ANSEL JEBODH
File photo: Kalicharan Carnival on the streets of San Fernando on Carnival Tuesday PHOTO BY: ANSEL JEBODH

TT Road Safety Council President Stan Huggins said road safety practices are even more crucial during the Carnival season, especially leading up to Carnival Monday and Tuesday. He said it is more necessary during this season for pedestrians and drivers to move about carefully, and drivers should be defensive in driving. These, he said, are best practices in road safety.

Huggins said the process must begin with driving schools, as they are responsible for giving people authorisation to drive – and by having proper road use return as part of the school curriculum.

"In the 1960s, when we still had trains, proper road use was taught in schools, but by the 1970s it was no longer taught in classrooms. I think we need to bring it back to educate pedestrians and drivers alike on proper road use from an early age."

TT Road Safety Council Stan Huggins

He urged masqueraders to be careful while on the road for Carnival, making reference to the possibility of revellers being run over by trucks. While there have been no incidents on the road since 2017, Huggins asked forthe National Carnival Bands Association to issue road safety tips to protect masqueraders.

He said he wants to place emphasis on the importance of being defensive when driving, especially during this season, when many drivers may be tired or intoxicated.

"Defensive driving helps protect you."

Statistics from Arrive Alive TT show a 60 per cent increase in road fatalities this year versus the same period last year, with five people dying in car accidents last year and 11 so far this year.

Huggins is also calling for drivers to be responsible drinkers and for passengers to ensure they have safe designated drivers. He hopes the council will receive subventions from the government to let it contract road safety officers during street events, and that in the future, reservations can be made for rest points, where drivers can rest if necessary after attending fetes or other events that may result in their being tired.

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