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Monday 27 May 2019
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EMA investigating Mausica ‘toxic smoke’ site

Environmental Management Authority of TT (EMA) logo
Environmental Management Authority of TT (EMA) logo

THE Environmental Management Authority (EMA) says it is investigating a development site in Mausica after complaints from residents.

Residents of Andrews Lane, Mausica had told Newsday that a site owned by a developer had become a dumping ground and fires there had resulted in toxic smoke which has been affecting their health.

The EMA in an e-mail to Newsday said that on receipt of complaints from the residents about illegal dumping at the site, the EMA "promptly investigated to identify any possible breach of an environmental requirement.

"Additionally, in keeping with its co-ordinating function and seeking to ensure that a co-ordinated and collaborative approach is taken with all relevant agencies in addressing the complaint, the matter was referred to the Tunapuna Piarco Regional Corporation and the Town and Country Planning Division for review."

Councillor for La Florissante/Cleaver Judy Garner previously informed Newsday that the corporation's CEO instructed its public health officer, building inspector and engineer to investigate the issue and they visited the site on Thursday. Garner had said she was awaiting feedback from them.

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