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Monday 27 May 2019
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TT beach towns among most charming Caribbean destinations


CASTARA and Maracas Bay have been voted among the most charming beach towns in the Caribbean in a survey from TravelMag.com.

The online travel magazine invited more than 300 travel writers, social media influencers and in-the-know travel professionals to name their favourite beach destinations in the Caribbean.

Respondents were asked to identify their favourite three to ten charming towns or villages in the region. All the votes were then added to produce the final 20 destinations with the most votes. Only beach towns with populations below 100,000 were considered; destinations on the Caribbean coasts of Mexico, Central America and South America were excluded.

Castara, on Tobago’s north coast, was recognised for its outdoor adventure activities and beautiful beaches. It was noted that Castara’s economy is still primarily dependent upon fishing and agriculture, versus tourism, making it the perfect spot to visit for those travellers seeking a quiet trip away from the tourists.

Maracas received recognition for it similar pristine beaches, as well as its unique culinary traditions - like the Trinidadian “bake and shark” that’s so popular along the island’s shores.

Other destinations that found their way onto the list of the top 20 most charming beach towns in the Caribbean include Le Carbet, Martinique; Cockburn Town, Turks & Caicos; Port Elizabeth, Saint Vincent & the Grenadines; and Gustavia, Saint Barths. TT was one of only four islands to land more than one destination on the top 20 list; the others were Saint Kitts & Nevis, Barbados and Guadeloupe.

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