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Saturday 24 August 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Over to you, Double G, on dark tint

THE EDITOR: I am sure that many morning commuters in the Gulf View area of San Fernando, like me, have to make way for a police escort for a SUV no doubt transporting a high-ranking public official.

The black Prado has a tint that matches the colour of the vehicle. While it may be argued that it requires a licensing officer to determine the legality of a tint, I feel the majority of the population have a fair idea when a tint is too dark and therefore illegal, so why not the police escort too?

Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith has recently made an issue of police officers illegally escorting drivers from fetes. Surely, it must also be illegal to escort a vehicle with an illegal tint, or is it one set of rules for some and another for the rest of us?

I expect no less than the usual rapid response from the commissioner to this concern.

Over to you, Double G.

S PERSAD, San Fernando

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