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Saturday 24 August 2019
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2 boys rescued from oil well in Point Fortin

Photo by Ansel Jebodh
Photo by Ansel Jebodh

The boys who yesterday fell in an oil well in Egypt Village, Point Fortin, remain at the hospital and residents want the authority to secure the location immediately.

Adelle Cyrus, 12, and his brother Darrel Clarke, 13, were riding a bike at about 4 pm when Cyrus tripped and fell into the dam. He began to sink and Clarke, in trying to pull out his brother, began sinking. Another young cousin who was playing with them ran out and alerted the boys' mother. Frantically, the mother ran through a track to the site.

Residents, on seeing her running into the forested area, joined her and found the boys almost submerged in the thick, black oil. Other residents, police and fire fighters joined to help get the boys out.

Photo by Ansel Jebodh

One of the first responders Keron "Lizard" Frederick, 34, said recurring leaks from a nearby pumping jack formed the oil well, more than 20 years ago. The land belonged to the now-defunct Petrotrin, residents say.

"One was holding up his brother's head and he too was sinking. I had to cut down a tree for people to walk on to get closer to the boys," said Frederick.

After an hour-and-a half the boys, smeared with oil, were taken to the San Fernando General Hospital.

"Over the years we lost about 15 cows in that dam. It swallowed the animals. This need to be secured. In rainy season it is hard and not sticky as it is right now."

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