Tobago Chalkie, Ellis for Calypso Fiesta

Alex Gift (Tobago Chalkie) and Lesley Ann Ellis are among 40 calypsonians, including chairman of the National Carnival Commission (NCC) Winston "Gypsy" Peters, who sing for the judges in the semi-finals of the National Calypso Monarch competition, commonly referred to as Calypso Fiesta, next Saturday at Skinner Park in San Fernando.

Tobago Chalkie will sing his 2019 composition, Travel Advisory, at number 3 while Ellis will sing Yuh Wanna Fight at number 23.

In a recent interview, Gift explained that his calypso encourages visitors to come to TT despite any negative news and opinions that may be circulating about the country.

“The song is telling the world about the history of Trinidad and Tobago; the bad and good and inviting them to still visit despite what they see and read about our country. The song explains to them some of the situations and challenges we face on the island and give them a different idea of us,” he said.

“I like to deal with the ills, the socials status of the country, the political goals and situations. These peak my interest but some of my songs have humour but I don’t base my rendition and taste on humorous lyrics,” he said.

He says he has no expectations going in the competition other than to entertain the audience.

“I want to see them feel happy and give them a song to enjoy and make sure they like it while getting the message,” he said.


"Tobago Chalkie, Ellis for Calypso Fiesta"

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