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Thursday 23 May 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Restore the death penalty

THE EDITOR: I see they are still killing citizens like flies here and the Government has again failed to call a state of emergency or do anything about it whatsoever, allowing the expansion of this capital crime.

The public too seems to have become immune to such killings. I look forward to reading reports of more murders daily and at the end of the year perhaps a new record, eh.

Perhaps the media could put the required pressure on the Government to restore the death penalty and start executing those now on death row. This will no doubt stem the flow of killings and also lead to less widespread general lawlessness throughout the country.

In order to restore some normality, the Government has to ignore the human rights ideas of how to deal with these deliberate and premeditated murderers. The question however remains as to what sort of human beings are our politicians, who just stand by and allow the slaughter of so many of our innocent citizens.

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Letters to the Editor