PM: PNM not involved with criminal conduct

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley
Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley

ACCUSING the opposition of getting a “free pass to recruit and promote criminals” in this country, the Prime Minister said none of his colleagues is involved with criminal conducts relating to gangsters.

Speaking to reporters after he distributed keys to residents at St Mary’s and Fifth Company in Moruga yesterday, Dr Keith Rowley said his records show that he does not hesitate to act if such was the case.

“The police job is getting more and more difficult and when politicians are recruiting criminals to put on a platform, the police have no chance — not whatsoever. This is not a PNM thing or a UNC thing, it’s a societal problem.”

“These criminals they now know they are in short supply. They now know they are required, and they are making demands of politicians who are giving into it. You know what I am talking about,” Rowley said. Only over the weekend Opposition MP Dr Roodal Moonilal accused the Rowley-led administration of giving lucrative contracts to gang leaders and undermining efforts to stop the gang war. The prime minister said gangs and gangsters are members of families across this country. He said he does not know who gets Government contracts and who does not get. “I do know if there is improper conduct, we can identify that. At the end of the day those who hold the post I hold, we do something that none of you has to do in this country except to bar those in the Judiciary, is to swear an oath of office to act without fear or favour, without malice or ill-will.”

He referred to the ex-convict who recently spoke on a UNC platform as well as the LifeSport fiasco.

“You saw the birth and growth of LifeSport, started as a programme that was supposed to be a sport programmed in communities. It turned out to be a $400 million killing empire that is still haunting this country.”


"PM: PNM not involved with criminal conduct"

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