Masmen worried about wind at North Park

With the Kings and Queens of Carnival preliminaries to be held on Thursday, at the Queen’s Park Savannah, masmen are worried about the effects the wind might have on their costumes now that the North Stand has been replaced with the North Park.

Speaking to Newsday after the drawing of the Kings and Queens at the National Carnival Commission VIP Lounge yesterday, representative for the band Zodiac Fernando Marchan said the North Stand helped break down the speed of breeze coming on stage.

Marchan said now there is nothing to help break the wind, he is now worried what it might do to costumes.

“I don’t think they took this into consideration before they made this decision to remove the North Stand. These costumes will be pushed by the wind and make it more difficult for the person who has to carry the costume.

“I really do not know how it will work out and I am praying that it is not too windy on Thursday night. This is just one of my concerns when we have to dance these costumes across the stage. ”

When asked if there were any cut-backs in the productions of the costumes, Marchan said, “We don’t do mas for the money but for the love of it. Our standard of quality in our costumes have not dropped and patrons can look out for a surprise.”

Veteran masman for Paparazzi Ted Eustace said now that the North Stand is no more, he will have to gauge the wind impact on his costume.

“The wind has always been a factor on the night of the Kings and Queens and I really cannot say for sure the effect it will have. I will have to wait to see when I put on my costume on Thursday night.”

Asked if his band did any cutting back due to the downturn in the economy, Eustace said his King always comes out strong and hard but like everyone else, masmen are faced with economic challenges.

He said masmen do not get the support that is needed except from their own pockets.

“I think the prize money needs to be adjusted to reflect the cost of the portrayals because it is very expensive. Last year first place was $180,000, $120,000 for second but that does not even come close to what we put out to create these costumes.

“Everybody needs to do their part in because the prize money, three years ago it was $250,000. If they can go back to that figure it can help and it will even generate more people to take part in the King and Queen competition.”


"Masmen worried about wind at North Park"

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