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Monday 20 May 2019
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Fostering unity among pan people

Members of CAL Skiffle on the cruise.
Members of CAL Skiffle on the cruise.


THE fastest growing event that brings pannists together outside of the National Panorama is the cooler cruise Rep Yuh Band. Now in its fifth year and scheduled for Saturday aboard the Harbour Master, the cruise has been sold-out for weeks now.

Organisers Cleveland King and Candice Andrews-Brumant said, “Rep Yuh Band is the only event which brings pan people from all different bands together in a spirit of love and not competition.

“We all have a great time mingling and chatting with each other, it’s nothing like when we have to compete with each other.”

Andrews-Brumant say because the cruise is during the Carnival period pannists from all over the world get an opportunity to mix with their TT counterparts.

Rep Yuh Band organisers Cleveland King and Candice Andrews-Brumant

“We have people from Japan, USA, London, France and many other countries on the cruise. It is a relaxation and cool down inside the hectic season.

The cruise is always after the semi-finals and before the finals. So the players can have fun with each other even about the competition.”

According to the BP Renegades captain, “King came up with the idea one year while we were on tour. He just wanted something to bring the bands together outside of competition. He suggested a boat ride and we took it from there.

“I was amazed by the response. Rep Yuh Band was so successful in the first three years that we decided to do a Rep Yuh Band D’ Celebration for the winners in the fourth year. This was long before Renegades won Panorama in 2018 because our tickets go on sale as early as September.

“D’ Celebration is like Carnival after Carnival for the players and they all come to celebrate with the Panorama winners. This year that cruise will be on March 9.

Boarding for Rep Yuh Band is at 9am and sailing is one hour later and the Harbour Master will return at 2 pm

Photos courtesy Candice Andrews-Brumant.

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