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Saturday 24 August 2019
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Bison and cows picking peas in Barrackpore

BISON and cows are “picking and eating peas” and destroying crops in Barrackpore, said a farmer who wants the authority to intervene and remove the animals from the community.

Speaking on behalf of farmers of Wilson Road and Carat Hill in Barrackpore, Peter Hercules said the untied animals have been roaming lands for the past 13 years.

“They are destroying our gardens. They pick peas, just as humans. They butt (hit with their heads) down trees and what they don’t eat, they mash up. They damage my pumpkins, the watermelons, paw-paw trees and peas trees. One minute we are hearing the animals have owners and the next, they don’t.”

Farmers have reported the damage to Barrackpore police as well as the Praedial Larceny Squad at Craignish, Princes Town.

Hercules wants the animals away from his crops, saying he has lost thousands of dollars over the years.

“I made a report up to Sunday at Princes Town and they said they have no vehicle to visit. Over the years when we report it, we get ease for a few days then it starts all over again. It is about 14 cows and 17 bison, so when you are sleeping, I am running the cows from the garden.”

Police said they are investigating the report.

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