9 Scholarships for TT teens to study abroad

Photo courtesy pixabay
Photo courtesy pixabay

Secondary school students in TT have access to scholarships to study abroad for sixth form at 17 different schools but the deadline is next Tuesday.

The opportunities come through United World Colleges (UWC), a global education movement that facilitates scholarships and educational experiences globally.

Since 2004, 54 students from TT have participated in the programme.

The 16 schools are located across five continents in countries such as Costa Rica, China and the USA and will be available to nine students ages 16 to 17.

UWC TT representative Axel Kravatzky, in an interview yesterday, described the scholarship as an opportunity for students to do something that was beyond themselves.

He said the purpose and mission of the movement was to make education a force for international understanding, peace and a sustainable future. Students who complete the two-year programme will receive an International Baccalaureate Diploma.

Kathryn Abdulla, whose 18-year-old son is currently at a UWC campus, said she heard about the programme from a friend.

"Her daughter had gone to the campus in Costa Rica and her mom had indicated her daughter's maturity, and that she was attending a bilingual school and I was impressed by what she described," Abdulla said.

She sad her own experience was that her son had experienced an amazing development in terms of his maturity and independence as a student and generally speaking.

"It's the equivalent of A-levels. They do philosophy, critical thinking, a physical activity, clubs and they are encouraged to start a club if there isn't one they can join. It's an amazing interface with children of the same age, living and working together."


"9 Scholarships for TT teens to study abroad"

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