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Monday 27 May 2019
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UNC: Young misused office

 Opposition Senator Anita Haynes 

Opposition Senator Anita Haynes PHOTO BY SUREASH CHOLAI

United National Congress (UNC) PRO Anita Haynes suggested that Minister of National Security Stuart Young might have misused the resources of his public office to conduct an episode of blatant campaign politicking.

Young minutes earlier alleged the UNC has engaged criminals as contractors and party candidates and activists. He said a "youth speaker" at a recent UNC rally, whom the party had portrayed as a crime victim who was shot nine times, in fact has a list of 22 pending charges, including sexual, firearms and marijuana charges.

However, Haynes said while the minister had ostensibly held the news conference to talk about national security issues, it had in fact turned into an exercise in “blatant campaign politicking.”

She told Newsday, “I wonder how this minister sees his office and the resources of the Ministry of National Security.” She promised a full statement soon.

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