Missing girl found

LYNELL Surujdeen, a 16-year-old girl police reported missing last Tuesday morning, was found four houses away from where she lives in Freeport.

The single-mother Seema Harry, 35, said her daughter after visiting a friend in Chaguanas on Tuesday returned to the community and opted to stay in the nearby house. Harry said two relatives, ages 62 and 73, live in that house.

The mother of one said that on Thursday last shortly before 2 pm, the daughter together with an aunt and police, visited her (Harry). The girl, a form five student, is staying with the relatives in the interim. Harry is a construction worker and does landscaping for a living.

“I want the best for my child and I want her to get an education. I want her to come home, but I will not force her to come. I am a hard-working woman, ask anyone in the community about Seema,” Harry said. The mother had reported to Freeport police that her daughter was last seen at about 7.30 am last week Tuesday. The mother denied all allegations made against her via a post on Facebook about the reason for the girl’s disappearance. Central Division police are investigating.


"Missing girl found"

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