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Thursday 23 May 2019
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Kids play their mas

Sariah Gomez smiles for this photo.
Sariah Gomez smiles for this photo.

VIBRANT and prompt are words that could aptly describe the 14th annual Junior Carnival Parade held yesterday at St Anthony’s College in Westmoorings.

The parade was off to an energetic start as spectators and supporters came out in their numbers to view children vying for the top spot in the 17 categories. Costumes paid tribute to Calypso Rose (MacArthur Lewis) and veteran masquerader Curtis Eustace while other costumes focused on environmental safety and the importance of recycling.

Some of the categories included Babes in Arms, Couples, Junior King and Queen, Small Bands, Medium Bands (61-150 members), large bands (over 150) and Senior King and Queen among others which flowed seamlessly.

Amirah Jemmott portrayed Chinese Queen yesterday at the Junior Parade of the Bands in Westmoorings. PHOTOS BY SUREASH CHOLAI

The first category to grace to judges and bystanders was Babes in Arms which catered to babies, the age of one with the aid of their parents being presented for judging in their delightful costumes. One-year-old Marcus Gomes’ stroller was transformed into a green shrub surrounding Marcus as he portrayed Buck in De Bush. He is apart of the band Carnival Arts College-Protest in Folklore Land by band leader David Williams.


Another babe in arm was Leotaud Presley who was a crowd favourite as he portrayed Coconut Man Round D Savannah, by the band leader Jennifer Lander.

Leotaud was sitting poised at the top of coconuts placed in a miniature yellow wheelbarrow which was pushed by his father. While Lucas Perkins portrayed This is how I Roll for the band titled It Sweet Fuh So by band leader Rose Mary Perkins. The adorable tot was manoeuvred by his father to the song of Farmer Nappy’s Hookin’ Meh as he depicted a variation of the Japanese sushi.

Presley Leotaud, one, ably and innocently portrayed Tony The Coconut Vendor.

In the boys two to four category Khaleel Stiell presented Apollo’s Lust for the band Eckel’s Village A.C School and Friends led by Susan Harriot. His costume paid tribute to veteran masquerader and 2017 King of Carnival Curtis Eustace.

Eustace had also placed second in the Carnival King category in 2009 with the band’s presentation Temptation. Khaleel portrayed Apollo the Greek God who had many romantic affairs.


The girls five to six category saw Ariadné Augustine portraying Fire Rass by the band Protest in Folklore Land. Next up was Sophia Carvalho, five, who while some of her baby teeth had fallen out, nevertheless smiled broadly as she portrayed her costume Recycled Party.

As Sophia danced before the judges, her costume which was made up of a variety of colours was adorned with painted Styrofoam plates and plastic items. The name of the band she represented was Save The Environment “Recycle It” by Susan Gomes.

The winner of the Babes in Arms Category was Marcus Gomes with his portrayal of Buck in De Bush. Marcus also took the prize for most original costume. In second place was Ares Barkarr with her depiction of Zulu Warrior for the band Boissiere Village Children’s Band and in third came Reign Noreiga for her portrayal of Princess of the Fairies by the band Carivog Kids/ The Enchanted.

The results for the girls two to four category are: First place Zendaya Mills and her costume High Priestess of Shakari by the band Eckelo Village AC School and Friends. S’rai Taylor came second with her portrayal of Ah Hoy at Sea with the band Hats Off and in third place came Sariah Gomez with her costume Ras-ta-fari A Tribute to Bob Marley for the band Black is Beautiful. Sariah also won the prize for most original costume in her category.

The 14th Annual Presentation of the Junior Carnival Parade was organised by Committee Members: Maurice Inniss, Trevor Marshall, Peter Hernandez, Petrina Fernandez, Ian Laurent and Francis Joseph.

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