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Sunday 26 May 2019
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Bandits steal cash, phone, cigarettes

Two men aged 19 and 20 are in custody after they reportedly stole a cellphone, $200 in cash, a pack of cigarettes and a lighter from an Arima man last night.

Police said at around 11.20 pm, the man was waiting for a taxi at Hollis Avenue, Arima, when a white Nissan AD Wagon pulled up alongside him and someone inside offered him a ride.

As the car drove along Subero Street, the front-seat passenger turned around and told the man to "pass over everything."

The man handed over the items and was pushed out of the car by the bandits, who drove off.

The man went to the police, who later arrested two men matching the description of the bandits. They were taken to the Malabar Police Station for questioning.

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