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Sunday 26 May 2019
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Love the pour

She is as bubbly and animated as the drinks she concocts.

And while Sade Ayanna Pierre’s first love had been the musical arts, her imagination and expertise at mixing drinks is what has seen her truly shine.

Recently WMN caught up with Pierre, decked in bow tie and gloves, at UWI’s all-inclusive annual fete, Champagne and Gold.

Patrons lined up outside her booth awaiting their signature drinks, based on their likes, personalities and alcoholic or non-alcoholic preferences.

When she’s not showing off her prowess at events, Pierre can be found on any given day at Chaguaramas, on board the El Zorro yacht entertaining patrons.

She has also been the mixologist for El Dorado rum during promotions and sponsorship events with Brydens and Ace Bar Services during CPL cricket matches in the Oval or Brian Lara Cricket Academy.

Pierre, who said she simply has a knack for matching people to their drinks, even concocted one for this reporter, dubbed the Shears Cafe Colada, after being told of a preference for milk, with minimum alcohol.

Her passion is blazoned on her Facebook page, Love the Pour, and stemmed from being offered a stint as a VIP hostess at a popular nightclub several years ago.

The 32-year-old said she fell in love with interacting with people at nights, even though her days were filled focusing on music. In fact, while a student at Barataria Comprehensive school, she became a violinist, under the tutelage of Glen Worrell, after being captivated by the movie Red Violin.

She recalled her enthusiasm for learning the stringed instrument and the concerts she participated in, propelled by the thought, “this has to be the path I am born to follow”.

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