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Monday 27 May 2019
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Fabulous décor at Fete with the Saints

Bands, artistes thrill patrons

The magnificent Romanesque architecture of the stage
The magnificent Romanesque architecture of the stage

PARTYGOERS were aptly urged, "Be Submerged," as they approached the entrance on Serpentine Road in St Clair on Saturday. To get to the annual Fete with the Saints (FWTS) all-inclusive fete, they had to walk through an Atlantis-type archway with seahorses at either side, then glided into an area resembling a coral reef, making them feel submerged in its beauty.

A Saints ship was just ahead and through its glass windows one saw fish swimming by as it was going down into the sea.

Chair Joseph Hadad went all out to have the décor match the theme of the fete, hosted by the St Mary’s College Past Students Association.

Nadia Batson makes her debut on a Fete with the Saints stage.

As usual there was an array of exquisite gourmet dishes that included grilled lamb racks, one of the favourites of the night, salmon and quinoa, a seafood bar, geera pork, barbecue ribs, authentic Indian food, sushi, roast pork and roti cooked on the spot. Then there was the "sober zone," which offered a choice of tasty finger foods and a fish broth, the other favourite of the night.

However, live entertainment coming from only two bands that play only their music and a few guest artistes didn’t match up to everything else in the party. The live action didn't begin until well after 8 pm, with Carvalho Productions dancing to Under The Sea. But Kes the Band more than made up for it with a highly-entertaining repertoire that had the crowd jumping and waving.

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley and CoP Gary Griffith submerged in conversation.

Lead singer Kees Dieffenthaller began with another wonderful performance of his road march contender Savannah Grass, which left the crowd roaring with approval. He continued to thrill them with past and present hits.

Barbadian Teddyson John guest performed his Parlez and Vent with the band, and before Machel Montano took the stage, Nadia Batson offered So Long and Catching Feelings before calling Farmer Nappy to sing Hookin Meh, Chippin and Big People Party.

Farmer Nappy had the crowd vociferously singing along with him.

Shal Marshall made a guest appearance and had the crowd lapping up his Party We Love and Splinters, after which Neil Iwer George gave the crowd his Blessings, Jab Molassie and Come To Meh.

Montano took the stage next but it was his invitation to Skinny Fabulous to sing Famalay with him that got the biggest reaction during his performance. Many questioned if it was a mini Machel Monday as he brought on Peter Lewis, Joey Rivers and Farmer Nappy, all past members of Panasonic Express and Xtatik.

Montano also sang the Caribbean Airline jingle and had patrons singing along as well. He ended with Soca Kingdom, Wine & Fling It Up, It’s Carnival and Release.

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