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Sunday 26 May 2019
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‘I thought about killing myself’

Kenrick Morgan and his mother Linda Boodoo.

Photo: Lincoln Holder
Kenrick Morgan and his mother Linda Boodoo. Photo: Lincoln Holder

STAFF at the Moruga Secondary School are making arrangements to write to the Education Ministry to provide extra time for 17-year-old Kenrick Morgan to complete his school based assessments (SBA) for several Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) subjects.

On Wednesday Morgan, who was kidnapped for 31 days and taken to Venezuela, was released.

The teen, who will return to school on Monday, is expected to write the CSEC examinations in May/June.

“I am just so happy to be back home to my family and return school. My focus is just to complete my SBAs and pass my examination. The memories of what happened to me would never leave me but I have to continue with my life,” said Morgan, who wants to join the Coast Guard.

“My principal and teachers came to see me and they would also be given me notes from the work I miss for the month. I am so grateful for all the help. I know I missed a lot of work.”

Kenrick Morgan and his mother Linda Boodoo

Holding back tears Morgan told Newsday yesterday, "I saw death. I was so afraid.” The form five student of Moruga Secondary School said there was not a day he did not cry. “I did not think I was going to see my mummy again. I just wanted to go home,” he told Newsday.

Morgan and his cousin Kendell Singh, 24, were kidnapped while out at sea in Moruga, fishing in the Columbus Channel.

On Wednesday, the cousins were released after a ransom of US$12,000 and a bucket of KFC was paid.

Morgan said they were both lucky to be alive. "The food made me vomit, and if we did not eat the food they would beat me on my head with a piece of wood.” The two were fed rice and cheese or dumpling once a day.

Morgan said he prayed every day. “I thought that there was no escape from this place. I thought about killing myself so many times as snakes, rats, and roaches crawled over my body.”

Morgan said they slept on the ground in ranches and they did not stay in one place. “We were always moved from ranch to ranch.” The teen and his cousin were taken to a doctor after being released. His mother, Linda Boodoo, said she was thankful God answered her prayers. “I prayed night and day for this day to hold him in my arms. I am so happy.”

Six fishermen from Morne Diablo who were also kidnapped at sea were released last week.

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