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Thursday 23 May 2019
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PoS crime lord arrested

File photo
File photo

Hours after Police Commissioner Gary Griffith warned criminals, saying he was prepared for anything they could dish out, a man described as a high-priority suspect in several gang-related killings was arrested.

Senior police confirmed they visited the home of a man identified as a person of interest in several matters this afternoon to arrest him, but he was not at home.

At about 3.23, members of the Inter-Agency Task Force arrested the 34-year-old man in Beetham Gardens, and he is currently being questioned by police at an undisclosed location.

Earlier today at a press conference after yesterday's raids in the Beetham and Laventille, Griffith issued a stern warning to criminals that he was undaunted by their threats and said the police were prepared to defend themselves and the public against any aggression.

"No gang or institution in this country is more powerful than the TT Police Service. We will do what is required.

I wish to advise the public and let the media be aware, that if any of them (criminals) put God past their thoughts this time around I am waiting on them. We will be going in with several vans and if they are so in love with their gang leaders, they will be going in with them."

Griffith said the police were prepared to face any threats, and he extended support to police from various units who would be continuing anti-crime patrols for the rest of the week.

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